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Event/Trophy Info Winner Score
Three-Position Air Rifle Final Results  (click to open)
Sporter Finals all results Creekmore, Halie 217.8
Precision Final all results Demerle, Katrina 247.3
Three-Position Air Rifle Qualification Results  (click to open)
Precision Qualification all results Barnick, Gavin 597.0 - 46
Sporter Qualification all results Creekmore, Halie 569.0 - 22
all results
all results
3x20 Team Championship Results  (click to open)
Precision Team Rankings all results Great Trail Musketeers 2,325 - 148
Sporter Team Rankings all results Zion TM 1 2,188 - 64
60 Shot Results - Rifle  (click to open)
Rifle Open Qualification all results Kozeniesky, Lucas 1,255.1
Rifle Junior Qualification all results Perrin, Natalie 1,236.9 - 0
Rifle Adaptive Results all results Beach, Robert 1,254.7 - 0
60 Shot Results - Pistol  (click to open)
Pistol Open Qualification all results Kiejko, Lynda 1,134 - 30
Pistol Junior Qualification all results Abeln, Katelyn 1,126 - 28
Pistol Adaptive Results all results Carr, Ron 1,014 - 6
Progressive Position Pistol Results (PPP) all results Gale, Lawrence 996 - 9
60 Shot Rifle Teams  (click to open)
Rifle Team Rankings all results USAMU Gold 3,748.0
Junior Rifle Team Rankings all results TMU Gold 3,645.8
60 Shot Pistol Teams  (click to open)
Open Pistol Teams all results The Ohio State 3,361 - 71
Junior Pistol Teams all results Ohio Rifle & Pistol Black 3,145 - 29
ISSF Elimination Final - Rifle  (click to open)
Rifle Finals all results
ISSF Elimination Final - Junior Rifle  (click to open)
Junior Rifle Final all results Perrin, Natalie 244.3
ISSF Elimination Final - Pistol  (click to open)
Pistol Final all results Kiejko, Lynda 237.6
ISSF Elimination Final - Junior Pistol  (click to open)
Junior Pistol Final all results Abeln, Katelyn 236.7