2016 CMP Games - Oklahoma

Match Information

The CMP Games - Oklahoma will begin with Small Arms Firing School and the M16 Match on April 6.  An EIC Rifle Match will take place on April 7 followed by three days (four matches total, two fired on Saturday) of Garand/Springfield/Vintage & Modern Military Matches, a Carbine Match and a Vintage Sniper Match.  There will also be a total of six Pistol Matches including the brand new CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match, Military & Police Service Pistol Match, Pistol Team Match (2-Man), and an EIC Pistol Match.

NEW THIS YEAR: The CMP will be bringing electronic targets to the Oklahoma City Gun Club.  Competitors firing on the highpower range will be firing on electronic targets.

Please double check the 2016 CMP Games - Oklahoma Match Schedule as many of the Rifle and Pistol Matches are fired at the same time.  The competition features special hospitality events and prize awards.

Please note competitors will have to supply their own ammunitition for all CMP Games Events (except SAFS/M16 Match). The CMP will have ammunitition for sale to purchase.  No ammunition for the Modern Military Rifle Match will be avaiable for sale (.223 or 5.56).   Additional Information including the Official Match Program can be found here.

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