2017 Atlantic Fleet & All Navy (East) Rifle & Pistol Matches

Match Information

The 2017 Atlantic Fleet & All Navy (East) Matches Rifle & Pistol Matches will be held from 14-24 May at Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico. The matches are open to all services active-duty, reserve, retired military and civilians up to range capacity, with priority given to Navy personnel. The match bulletin and further information may be obtained at on the home page and under the "Events Calendar" tab. The EIC match is part of the grand aggregate so all shooters may fire this match however, civilians can report only one EIC match to CMP for record purposes. If you are shooting both weeks, the first EIC match you fire in will count for record and towards your total EIC matches for the year. There will also be a CMP .22 Rimfire Sporter match fired on May 14, 2017.  Registration is being handled via this website, but payment ($50 for May 14-19, $60 for May 14-19 if firing in the CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match and $50 for May 20-24) will be handled separately, as described in the match bulletin.

In accordance with the Navy Match Bulletin, Match fees may be paid via paypal to the email address: (Go to, please select send money at the top, fill in the "To" line as, input the amount, then select "Personal" then select "Payment owed") or mail a check made out to USNST directly to Capt Bob Ryan, 232 Royal Oak Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23322. The fee is $50 for any portion or all Fleet matches, $60 if firing CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Match and Fleet Matches and $50 for any portion or all of the All Navy matches.