CMP EIC Service Rifle Match

Match Information

The CMP will be holding an EIC Service Rifle Match on Viale Range at Camp Perry, Ohio.  Competitors will be firing on electronic targets for the CMP EIC Rifle Match.  The Konsberg Electronic Target (KTS) system registers each shot and relays the location and shot value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line. 

Entry Fee:  $30.00 for Adults and $15.00 for Juniors

Firing Starts:  8AM

Rules: This match will be governed by the current CMP Competition Rules.  Copies of the rules may be downloaded from the Civilian Marksmanship Program website at  See Annex D & H for Electronic Target Rules:

Rifles:  This event will be opened to competitors firing a Service Rifle per current CMP Highpower Rifle & Pistol Competitions Rules:

Course of Fire: EIC competitors fire a service rifle, as defined by the CMP Competition Rules matches, over the highpower rifle National Match Course of fire: 10 shots standing, 200 yards; 10 shots rapid-fire sitting, 200 yards; 10 shots rapid-fire prone, 300 yards; 20 shots slow-fire prone, 600 yards.

Awards:  EIC Gold, Silver and Bronze Place medals will be awarded to the top 3 competitors overall.  EIC Achievement Pins will be awarded to all competitors that fire within the EIC Achievement Cut-Scores.  The top 10% of eligible non-distinguished competitors will be awarded EIC Rifle points towards their Distinguished Rifleman Badge.

This is a regular EIC Service Rifle Match and will count as one of your five allotted club matches per year.

The CMP will also be hosting a Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military (GSM) Match on the Electronic Targets on Petrarca Range.  Competitors firing in the EIC Rifle match will be able to fire in the later relays of the GSM Match.  Registration for the GSM Match can be found here.

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