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GSM/GCA Members Meeting and Matches 2018 - Talladega

Match Information

The GCA Members Match and annual meeting will take place at the Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama on September 28-30, 2018.  During the event the CMP will host a John C Garand match as well as a GSM match and Vintage Sniper match on September 29th and a  100 yard reduced "mini palma" match on September 30.

The John C. Garand and GSM Matches are the CMP's most popular CMP Games events.  The course of fire is 15 shots slow-fire prone (first 5 shots are sighters); 10 shots rapid-fire prone; 10 shots slow fire standing.  All shot from 200 yards.

The 100 yard reduced mini palma match will be fired with .22 rifles at reduced 800, 900 and 1000 yard targets. The course of fire will be 15 shots at each distance, in a time limit of 45 minutes.

Vintage Sniper Team match consists of 10 shots for record from each team member at 300 yards and 10 shots for record from each team member at 600 yards. Each team fires a total of 40 shots for record.


The schedule of events during the weekend will be:

Saturday, 29 Sept

8:00 am - Check-in at clubhouse

9:00 am - JCG matches/GSM

1:00 pm - Vintage Sniper match

5:00 pm - BBQ

6:00 pm - Members Meeting


Sunday, 30 Sept

8:00 am - Check in

9:00 am - Mini Palma

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