Important Covid-19 Closure Notice for Competitors and Clubs (Updated 5/3/20)

2019 Montana State Designated Marksmen Tournament

Match Information

Saturday June 22 will be a CMP Highpower Rifle Long Course Match.  The CMP Highpower Rifle Long Course is an aggregate of 100 total record shots, 20 shots in each of five (5) stages, 200 yards standing, 200 yards sitting rapid-fire, 300 yards prone rapid-fire, 600 yards prone slow fire and 600 yards prone slow fire, all fired according to CMP Rifle rules.

The EIC Service Rifle Match will be held on Sunday June 23.  EIC competitors fire a service rifle, as defined by the CMP Competition Rules matches, over the highpower rifle National Match Course of fire: 10 shots standing, 200 yards; 10 shots rapid-fire sitting, 200 yards; 10 shots rapid-fire prone, 300 yards; 20 shots slow-fire prone, 600 yards.  There will also be a Hearst Doubles style team match on June 23.

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