CMP Viale Range 800 Aggregate & EIC Service Rifle Match

Match Information

Registration will open January 1, 2021.

The CMP will be holding an 800 Aggregate Match on Viale Range an Saturday June 26 and an EIC Service Rifle Match on Sunday June 27, 2020. 

Competitors will be firing on Kongsberg Electronic Targets (KTS). The KTS system registers each shot and relays the location and score value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line.  Electronic Target Scoring Rules are available in the current edition of the CMP HP Rifle Competition Rulebook.

Entry Fee 800 Aggregate Match: $40.00 for Adults & $30.00 for Juniors

Entry Fee EIC Service Rifle Match: $35.00 for Adults & $25.00 for Juniors

Competitor Check-In:  Competitors may check-in and have rifles inspected beginning Friday June 25 from 4:30PM-6PM, at the CMP Headquarters.  There will also be check-in and rifle inspections Saturday & Sunday beginning at 6:30AM, at the CMP Headquarters.

Firing Starts: 8AM Saturday will be the 800 Aggregate Match. The EIC Service Rifle Match will begin at 8AM on Sunday.  Both matches will be pre-squadded.  Competitors sharing equipment, please indicate who you are sharing equipment with under special squadding requests.

Rules: These matches will be governed by the current edition of the CMP Competition Rules for Highpower Rifle. Competitors firing in the 800 Aggregate match will be able to fire either a Match Rifle or a Service Rifle.

CMP Classification will be used for the CMP 800 Aggregate Match.  The CMP 800 Aggregate Match and the EIC Service Rifle Match will count towards CMP Classification.  Awards for the 800 Aggregate Match an EIC Service Rifle Match will be given.

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