2019 National Trophy Rifle Matches, SAFS & National CMP Games Ma

Match Information

Registration will open on March 1, 2019.

The National Trophy Rifle Matches & Small Arms Firing Schools are annual national events established by Congress and President Roosevelt in 1903 that continue to be authorized by federal law. National Trophy Rifle Match week begins with the Rifle Small Arms Firing School and a M16 Rifle EIC Match.  Starting the National Trophy Rifle Matches and National CMP Games matches will be the CMP 4-Man Team Match and CMP Cup 1000 Aggregate Matches.  The week also includes service rifle competitions for military and civilian shooters including the President's 100 Rifle Match, the National Trophy Individual Match and National Trophy Team Matches.  The week also includes National CMP Games events including the National Vintage Sniper Match, Springfield M1A Match, National Garand Match, National Springfield/Vintage Military/Modern Military Match, National Carbine Match and the CMP Roosevelt Commemorative Match.  

For questions or more information please contact the Competitions Department at or call 419-635-2141 ext. 724 or 714.

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